Allegheny Aligators

There I was floating in the blissful river, the jungle sound in the background, the sunlight filtering through the stream. Along the river I saw to my left the bird of paradise flying out from the shore. I am home and floating there is my true self alive. Yet as I glided down the river I remembered to feel the floor and noticed how soon it was dissolving. The ground no more, all you can do is float on, though you are about to approach the end of the river. A dead end. Alligators arose and were swimming along, this as a sign to get out now. I reached the side of the bank life pool where I knew it became too deep that needed to hang on the sides if wanted to get out alive. I reached the side of the bank and pulled myself out. There I realized how thick the terrain of trees was that kept you close at edge. I have only covers for plastic containers to protect me from the alligator attacks. I knew they came from the river and deep in the jungle. From there I knew to walk through and the cityscape and diners were ahead. A pursuit of food and old neighborhoods was next to be survived. It was there where I sat with my mother in our living room sipping soup from the neighborhood, recalling stories where I thought…I swam with the alligators how can we drink this soup? They are right there in Allegheny, this is our source of water. Walk further to other dreams and diners.